Wakahina, Mama ka Nhlaks

Wakahina from Scandal in real life – She is unquestionably Nhlamulo’s mother – Get to know Her

Nhlamulo uncovers a long-kept family secret. Ndu and Caiphus get a potential lead that can help them solve their robbery case. Someone who sorely needs them is given lessons from the past.

“Most beautiful” Get to know Wakahina from Scandal in real life

Nkhensani Mlondzo was born and lives in South Africa, where she graduated in drama. She is an actress, writer, and voiceover artist!

The actress is currently playing the role of Wakahina on etvScandal as Nhlamulo’s mother. She is playing her role perfectly, and fans are in love with her acting skills and her beauty.

During her studies, was involved in a number of local productions.During her studies, she was involved in a number of local productions. She is a DIRECTOR, SCRIPT WRITER, and FACILITATOR as well.

May be an image of 1 person, smiling and text that says "SSITU ×TU AFRICA Mihloti Maseko from eTVScandal MEDiA POP CULTURE"


Gender Female
Age Range 36-40
Eyes colour Brown
Hair colour Black
Skills Actor, Director, Scriptwriter
Voice Artist Yes
Delivery Style Conversational, Corporate, Hard Sell, Soft Sell
Language English, SeSotho, Tsonga, Zulu
Location Johannesburg

You guessed it right, Scandal, one of the well-known South African series, will be discussed in length in this post. Scandal has here, and this month is likely to be very intense, according to the insiders. The public is particularly interested in the next episodes of the show, and new viewers are looking for information about the show and its plot. Stay with us until the end of the post to learn everything there is to know about the show, including information about the next episodes, so you won’t need to leave.

Wakahina From Scandal Real Name

Wakahina From Scandal Real Name

A South African soap opera called Scandal, originally known as The Voice, is made by Ochre Moving Pictures and shown on e.tv.It competes with SABC 1’s longest-running soap, Generations: The Legacy, for the title of one of the most popular soaps in South Africa. Additionally, it is carried on the eAfrica, e.tv Botswana, and e.tv Ghana feeds throughout Africa.The setting of Scandal! is the fictional Newtown, Johannesburg-based Nyathi Family Holdings (NFH), which publishes the tabloid The Voice and the gossip publication Scandal. Along with other characters in the show, it covers the lives of the individuals and families who work at NFH magazine.

In addition, it depicts socioeconomic disparities in the Johannesburg district of Newtown, where NFH is situated, and local townships of Soweto, while examining the private aspirations of the upper classes and the struggles of the lower class to survive. Don’t miss out on these Scandal Soapie Teasers because this month in Scandal things are intense.

Scandal has been known for many years for introducing real talent on our screen. Scandal has introduced a new cast since the coming of Kubekas, and we are seeing new talents like every day, and the directors of Scandal really know how to pick the best.

Wakahina is one of the top actors on our screens right now, and everyone is talking about her, therefore we were curious about her real name. Her real name is Nkhensani Mlondzo, and she is a well-educated director and scriptwriter at Sanni Production.

Wakahina from Scandal is also known as a writer and features on Giyani: Land of Blood, a South African telenovela drama series created by Tshedza Pictures. It is the very first Xitsonga drama series made since the advent of Television in South Africa.

We Don’t have much information about the actress real-life facts, but we are here to glue them on our screens every weekday at 7:30, watching how Wakahina and Nhlamulo’s story line is going.

Wakahina is unquestionably Nhlamulo’s mother. Nhlamulo’s father lied about what transpired between him and his wife, and now the truth has come to light that Wakahina was not in her right mind after delivering child.

Nhlamulo’s father attempted to save her by seeking help from pastors, traditional healers, and others, but when that failed, he chose to take away Nhlamulo and his siblings from Wakahina.

In August 2023, Scandal! will feature:

Monday 14 August 2023
Episode 97 (4409)

Nhlamulo is concerned when he starts seeing someone he cares for, display alarming behaviour. A husband confronts the man who slept with his wife, and he's left shocked by what he hears.

Tuesday 15 August 2023
Episode 98 (4410)

When backed into a corner a young man is forced to make a deal with the devil. Andries warns Vuvu about a potential danger. Gloria and Caiphus are faced with a huge decision.

Wednesday 16 August 2023
Episode 99 (4411)

An unsuspecting innocent person gets roped into a dangerous situation. A father's history repeats itself on a son who sinks into frustration and pain. Gloria receives frightening news and Caiphus tries his best to reassure her.

Thursday 17 August 2023
Episode 100 (4412)

A surprise from his family causes a complication for Mbuso's side hustle. Andries and Nhlamulo clash over the way forward. A woman can't believe the medical condition she has been diagnosed with.

Friday 18 August 2023
Episode 101 (4413)

Mbuso is horrified when he realises his actions will land him in hot water with Mjomane. Prudence uninvitedly inserts herself in a situation which causes a stir. A couple is left reeling as they face daunting consequences.

Nhlamulo uncovers a long-kept family secret. Ndu and Caiphus get a potential lead that can help them solve their robbery case. Someone who sorely needs them is given lessons from the past.




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