Gomora Actors Bid Farewell as the Show Ends

The popular South African TV show Gomora has come to an end, leaving fans emotional as they say goodbye to their favorite actors

Gomora actors bid farewell as the show ends. What a ride!

The popular South African show Gomora has come to an end, leaving fans emotional as they say goodbye to their favorite actors.

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It was an incredible journey and career breakthrough show for many actors, but now Gomora has come to an end. The show has become one of the most loved and watched shows in South Africa, featuring established stars like Connie Chiume and Sanah Mchunu, as well as upcoming stars like Siphesihle Ndaba.

Watch: Gomora actors in tears as they bid farewell to the show

Actress Zinzi Nsele shared an emotional video of how difficult it was to say goodbye. She also shared a video with fellow stars in the dressing room singing. “In God we trust that we will meet again at another set🙏🏽 I tried to smile in every picture just to hide how heavy my heart is🫂. He restores 🫶🏽🫶🏽🫶🏽,” she wrote on Instagram.

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Fans have seen actors come and leave Gomora for a long time, but it never felt this way. The past few months have been sad as we see many stars like Mazet and Ntokozo go. It was sad, but it was tough for fans to imagine that there would soon be no Gomora on their television.

In the video singing in the dressing room, the stars and cast members were very emotional. Undoubtedly, Gomora had been a family away from home, and their emotions showed it. Zinzi had a lot of words to say when bidding farewell to her fellow actors.

“I always looked forward to being onset because it always felt like home 🫶🏽♥️🫂,” she said. “Bitter sweet moments #gomora 😭☹️ yoh! How does one accept parting ways with family?🥲 I love each and everyone of them🫂🫂🫂 🫂🫂🫶🏽🫶🏽🫶🏽🫶🏽🫶🏽,” she added.

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After the Gomora actors bid farewell to each other as they shot the last episode, fans also showed them love. “Yah we are going to miss you guys on our screens,” one fan wrote. “Eish kwanzima , kuphela a very into emnandi Ka njeh 😢😢,” another added. “Nami I’m dropping a tear watching this oh bawo,” a third fan commented.

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