Remember Zoe Mthiyane aka Zitha Langa Generations 41 mother of 3 who’s strugglin

Remember Zoe Mthiyane, the talented actress from Generations, a mother persevering.

Remember Zoe Mthiyane aka Zitha Langa Generations 41 mother of 3 who’s struggling with depression after devorce with Rapulana Seiphemo aka Tau Mogale she’s was arrested twice due to drunk nd driving with high speed nd TAu is the reason for her to be fired on generation

Zoe Mthiyane struggles with depression after divorce and arrest.

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  • It was not his fault, all those things happened when he was at The Queen already, when he finished shooting for Generations, that is when everything bad started happening to Zoe on set, even Zoe did say on the interview that she had with Thembekile that her relationship with Rapulana is not what got her fired, don’t lie.

    Also, Zoe and Rapulana don’t have any kids together, Zoe has kids with Robert Marawa and Lebo M only. Lebo is the only one who wants to destroy Zoe, not Rapulana. Rapulana cheated on her with her friend but never got her fired.

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