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Gold Diggers, Ngozi, Uzalo Actor Wiseman Mncube – Get to know Wiseman Mncube who is rumored to be rude

Wiseman Mncube is a South African actor known for his role on Uzalo. He is rumored to be rude, but brings drama to our screens.

Wiseman Mncube: Uzalo star’s bio, age, wife, kids, net worth.

Wiseman Mncube is a South African actor known for his role on Uzalo. He is rumored to be rude, but brings drama to our screens.

Wiseman Mncube is a South African actor famous for his role Sibonelo on Uzalo. It would be distasteful to meet the on-set version of Mncube as he is rude and unapologetic. His character though notorious, brings the Drama we all love onto our screens.

The million-dollar question still stands. Is he the same in reality? Let’s find out more in Wiseman Mncube Biography (Age, Wife, Fatherhood, Daughter, Net worth, Uzalo).

Wiseman Mncube
Wiseman Mncube: Image source @Instagram

Wiseman Mncube Biography

Profile Summary

Birth Year: 1990

Siblings: 4

Children: 1 daughter

Profession: Actor, playwright, director

Net worth: $250 000

Education and Qualifications:  National Diploma in Drama (Durban University of Technology)

Wiseman Mncube Career

For the most part, Wiseman starts as a theatre actor. This finds him working on plenteous stage productions after getting a diploma in Drama from the Durban University of Technology in 2011.

These include: Nothing But the Truth, Have We Been Heard and Mashu the Musical. His debut starring role comes along as he plays Mfanufikile in a drama series, The Kingdom-UKhakhayi. The actor then casts in the etv telenovela Gold Diggers, and doors start opening wide.

Wiseman Mncube
Wiseman Mncube: Image source @Instagram

Which TV shows have Wiseman Mncube starred in?

Television Roles

  1. eHostela Season 1.
  2. Generations.
  3. Gold Diggers.
  4. Ngozi.
  5. Mamello.
  6. Ring of Lies.
  7. Sokhulu & Partners.
  8. The Kingdom.
  9. Uzalo Season 5 and 6.

Does Wiseman Mncube have any awards?

His film catalogue is quite long, and he ought to have tons of awards. The actor has managed to bag the following awards in his career life:

  1. The actor gets “Best Production” and “Best Script Awards” for “The Weeping Candle” at the isiGcawu Festival in November 2012.
  2. He won “The Best Newcomer” at the Mercury Theatre Awards in 2012.
  3. In 2012 he was named Best Actor at Musho Festival.
  4. He also wins a Standard Bank Ovation Award for” Giving Birth to my Father”.
  5. In 2014, he won three NAF (National Arts Festival) awards in Grahamstown.
  6. He also gets an award at the Mzansi Viewers Choice Awards 2020.
  7. He won “Best Actor” at the South African Film and Television Awards Best Actor in 2020.

Family of entertainers.

Mzansi seems to have a lot of siblings taking over the entertainment industry. The Mncube family is one of the many dominating in the industry. Wiseman’s young brother Omega is also taking strides as he plays Phelelani on Uzalo. Ntando, who is the eldest of the brothers, inspires them to become actors. He plays Bhikile on “Ifalakhe” and is killing it.

Wiseman Mncube Achievements

In 2015, the actor was selected as one of the directors of the prestigious Musho Festival. It showcases upcoming theatre stars annually in Durban.

Does Wiseman Mncube have children?

 Wiseman Mncube
Wiseman Mncube: Image source @Instagram

The actor has a beautiful daughter whom he loves. He’s forever and a day was serving us daddy-daughter goals that have everyone drooling.

What is Wiseman Mncube’s role in Uzalo?

The actor plays the hardcore womaniser “Sibonelo”. It is a character that embarks on an expedition into the felony globe. He finishes his medical studies in Cuba and returns home only to discover that his biological father is a disreputable criminal. Regrettably, he is reeled into his father’s lifestyle and becomes his right-hand man.

Who is Wiseman Mncube’s wife?

The devoted father of one loses his wife in 2017. After his wife’s death, he promises himself that he would single-handedly raise his daughter Lwandle.” I made a promise that I’ll do everything in my power to raise Lwandle in a Godly and responsible way. I don’t want her to feel that she has one parent. I give her all the love and make it a point to spend all my free time with her”.

The actor does not disclose the fine points surrounding his wife’s death as it only opens up wounds. Even if he is a single dad, his mom and brothers are pretty supportive and are helping him raise his daughter.

Wiseman Mncube
Wiseman Mncube: Image source @Instagram

What is Wiseman Mchunu’s net worth?

Humble as he is, the actor is worth $250 000. He is doing well financially and is doing all to keep the money rolling in. He generates money from his acting gigs, plays and directing jobs.

What kind of cars does Wiseman Mchunu have?

The actor wins his first award at the 2019 Simon Sabela Awards in the best actor category for his role on Uzalo. He splashes on a brand new Renault to celebrate his big win, which costs no less than R157 000. In June this year, he buys another whip, a sizzling Audi costing just above a million rands. Check his cars out:

Wiseman Mncube
Wiseman Mncube: Image source @Instagram

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