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The premiere episodes of the television series "Isitha: The Enemy" will air on from Monday to Friday at 9:30 PM.

Isitha: The Enemy Teasers October 2023 – Exhilarating and suspenseful!

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The premiere episodes of the television series “Isitha: The Enemy” will air on from Monday to Friday at 9:30 PM.

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Monday 2 October 2023
Episode 96

The fantastic chess ace

Nomcebo turns out to be more neurotic. Nomsa and Bra Solly see as one another in the littlest things. The travelers offer Nka fire up capital for the NGO. Mbuso breaks Bandze and Chuma recovering bodies in Nomcebo’s yard.

Tuesday 3 October 2023
Episode 97

Blood and sovereignty

Chuma takes Mbuso out with a digging tool. Majaha reports to Ayanda that Boss Ngwenya has requested that he deal with the high position while he goes to search for Mbuso in South Africa. Khaya is offended when Chuma affirms that Rebs is presently an accomplice at the terminal.

Wednesday 5 October 2023
Episode 98

The proposition

Nka is compelled to offer Matshidiso and Bulelani cash for their quiet. Khaya is stunned when Bra Solly is at the terminal searching for a task. Rebs entices Nolitha and guarantees her all the wealth on the planet, in the event that she would do one thing for her.

Thursday 5 October 2023
Episode 99

Loverboy should pass on

Bulelani is stunned when Bra Solly needs to pay lobola the next day, and Nomsa is dazzled. Nka is forced into a tight spot when the vacationers need their cash back and undermine him with the law. Chuma chooses to manage TK for the last time.

Friday 6 October 2023
Episode 100

Desire rules

Rebs is disinterested when Bulelanii uncovers that Bra Solly and Nomsa are getting hitched. TK promises to uncover Chuma’s association with Swaziland. Nomcebo calls Mbuso and she is baffled when she hears a telephone ringing in the house.

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