Set your reminders – Jaxon’s memorial is happening in a few hours #etvSmokeAnd

Isitha: The Enemy is a South African television drama series created by Mandla N and Mpumelelo Nhlapo.

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Don’t forget! Jaxon’s memorial is happening soon. #etvSmokeAnd

Don’t forget to set your reminders for Jaxon’s memorial happening in a few hours. #etvSmokeAndMirrors #JaxonsMemorial.

Set your reminders ⏰- Jaxon’s memorial is happening in a few hours
#etvSmokeAndMirrors #JaxonsMemorial

A raging sibling rivalry emerges between the Sokhulu brothers when Chuma returns home to find his brother now filling his shoes, but their real enemy is patiently waiting in the wings to stage a hostile takeover.

Who is the main character in Isitha the enemy?

Isitha: The Enemy explores just that. The telenovela follows Chuma Sokhulu, a man who left his life as a preacher to become a criminal in a foreign country. After being presumed dead for a year, Chuma makes a return to his hometown, only to discover that his brother has committed the ultimate betrayal.

What time does Isitha play?
A story about survival. Each one teach one. Every week night on, 9:30PM.

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