Rebaone Kgosimore on generation

Actor Rebaone Kgosimore who plays Paul Moroka Jr, on Generations:The Legacy has been fired with immediate effect, Viewers claim star is bossy and can’t act

The Citizen reported in March that Kgosimore has joined the soapie as a playboy, lover, shrewd businessman, and scion of the mighty Moroka family as Paul Moroka Jnr.

BREAKING NEWS: Generations: The Legacy has fired actor Rebaone Kgosimore who plays Paul Moroka Jr

Rebaone Kgosimore on generation

Entertainment commentator Phil Mphela has announced that actor Rebaone Kgosimore has been let go by popular soapie Generations: The Legacy.

The employer can dismiss an employee with immediate effect – without observing the applicable notice period – if there is an urgent cause. Examples of urgent causes include, for instance, theft of property of the employer or acts of violence.

In certain cases, use of alcohol can also form an urgent reason.

‘He’s awful’: ‘Generations’ fans react to Rebaone Kgosimore

Rebaone Kgosimore on generation

Can you be fired with immediate effect? – oO yes, you can be fired “with immediate effect”, but only after a disciplinary hearing has been conducted and found you guilty

Generations: The Legacy fires actor Rebaone Kgosimore, shocking fans.

Rebaone Kgosimore on generation1

Generations: The Legacy’s  Rebaone Kgosimore was under fire a few months ago for his lackluster acting skills.

Rebaone Kgosimore’s acting had received backlash from the SABC1 soapie’s viewers.

The Tswana actor revealed to the publication that he was over the moon and ecstatic to join the SABC1 soapie.

“I have grown so much and I’ve only been part of the show for a month. I’m hoping viewers can enjoy the ups and downs, and twists and turns. Viewers can expect to see a Black man as they’ve never seen a Black man before!”

The actor joined the soapie after Musa Ngema, who played fan-favourite character Mazwi Moroka.


@AtiredXolisa: “As they should. He’s such a horrible actor my gosh.”

@chestermayifo: “Sometimes we as viewers fail to distinguish between acting skills and the character. This guy literally had me glued to the screen. People were just angry because they felt like he was replacing Mazwi. Also, they were getting frustrated because he wasn’t revealing the truth about Mazwis’ death.”

@AbutiTurnUp: “Mara no, ena he’s bad.”

@Adebankenkali: “He is annoying because they love Mazwe, they feel like he is replacing him. This guy is a great actor.”

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