The story of #eTvScandal's Nqobile as she finally meets her role model, Connie Ferguson

Zekhethelo Zondi, from #eTvScandal, says that age is just a number and that having a big vision is what really matters

In conclusion, Zekhethelo Zondi's story from Scandal showcases the idea that age should not limit one's aspirations and dreams.

Zekhethelo Zondi defies limits, proving age is merely a number.

Zekhethelo Zondi, a character from the TV show Scandal, proves that age is just a number when it comes to pursuing big dreams and having a clear vision. Despite her young age, Zekhethelo demonstrates determination and resilience in pursuing her goals.

One example of Zekhethelo’s ambition is her desire to become a successful entrepreneur. Despite facing numerous challenges and obstacles, she never gives up and continues to work hard towards achieving her vision. Her story serves as an inspiration to others who may feel limited by their age or circumstances.

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Furthermore, Zekhethelo’s story highlights the importance of having a strong vision. By having a clear picture of what she wants to achieve, Zekhethelo is able to stay focused and motivated, regardless of any setbacks she may encounter along the way. Her determination and unwavering belief in herself serve as a reminder that having a vision is crucial for success.

In her own terms, she is a humanitarian, but even that is an understatement; Zekhethelo, 13, already has a portfolio that most people could only dream of.In her own words, she is a humanitarian, but even that is putting it mildly. Zekhetholo is an actress, an activist, and a 2021 Miss Pre-Teen South Africa Finalist.

At a younger age, Zekhethelo already has an impressive portfolio that includes a supporting role alongside Palance Dladla on Netflix’s Shadow. Currently, she is on TV Scandal alongside old characters like Bra Neo and more.

Despite that, however, Zekhethelo is just getting started. At her family home in Naledi, the 11-year-old tells Soweto Urban that she has big plans for the future.Recently, she posted a picture on Instagram showing a belt written Miss Mini Teen South Africa. She is going big, and she is so grateful for the future and how it is going for her.

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“The main thing for me is to inspire change within young people. I want to see young people step up and play a bigger role in how the world is shaping. I want to help in improving access to education. Some people can’t get access to a good education and that that leads to unemployment of the youth,” she explained.

In terms of her support structure, Zekhethelo said her family had played the most crucial role.

“My family has always been there to support me and hold my hand. They have been supporting me since day one. My siblings always come to my auditions and hype me up so I appreciate that,” she said.

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Her most important support though comes from her mother, actress, Nosimilo Zondi who spotted her daughter’s talent at an early age.

“From a young age, she was a bubbly child. She loved performing and mimicking other people. From there I saw that there was talent there. So I would take her with me when I was shooting and whenever an opportunity came up for an extra child actor, I could see on set that she was very comfortable. I then registered her in an agency,” Nosimilo explained.

The future appears to be bright for Zekhethelo. She has many media appearances planned and will continue her community outreach efforts.

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Statistics also support the idea that age is not a determining factor in achieving success. Research has shown that many successful individuals have achieved their goals at various stages of their lives. Whether it’s starting a new business, pursuing a passion, or making a career change, people of all ages can find success if they have the right mindset and determination.

In conclusion, Zekhethelo Zondi’s story from Scandal showcases the idea that age should not limit one’s aspirations and dreams. With a clear vision and determination, anyone can achieve their goals, regardless of their age. Zekhethelo’s story serves as a reminder to never underestimate the power of ambition and a strong vision.

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