RIP: BreakingNews Lindani Nkosi (Chief Ngwenya from isitha the enemy) died.

Isitha the enemy is now becoming one of the best soapies in South Africa. Fans can not take their eyes off the screen when it’s now time for isitha the enemy. Thier storyline is always interesting.Isitha the enemy is now becoming one of the best soapies in South Africa. Fans can not take their eyes off the screen when it’s now time for isitha the enemy. Episode 120 of isitha the enemy, there was so much drama and action. The sokhulu family came to take their baby Ifalethu who was taken by Chief Ngwenya .

The Sokhulu family teamed up with Thembinkosi and when they arrived in Eswatini they removed their clothes and wore the same combat with the guards of Chief Ngwenya.

Khaya and Thembinkosi managed to take Ifalethu from the Chief’s wife while chuma was busy to help out Nomcebo. Nomcebo shot and killed some of the guards.

Majaha went to Chief Ngwenya’s wife in her bedroom where she was crying that the baby was taken away from him. Majaha and the Chief’s wife were giving each other very warm hugs and Chief Ngwenya just popped up from nowhere and he was really disappointed to see that.

Ngwenya asked his wife to live the room and he tried to attack Majaha but unfortunately Majaha stabbed him to death with a knife.

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