Tebello from Scandal is the most paid child actor in South Africa.

It’s not everyday that people fall in love with a character on TV as much as Scandal! viewers have fallen in love with Tebello (real name Lithonolofatso Lithlakanaye). The young actor has people glued to their screens with his natural acting talent and charm. He plays an abandoned child who stays with Yvonne’s mom, with whom he has formed a strong bond with. On screen, Tebello is a 12 year old boy.






Mzansi’s favourite child star’s salary has been revealed by iHarare and it raises many questions. Lihlonolofatso Litlhakanyane who plays the character Tebello on one of Etv’s most loved telenovelas Scandal! has been speculated to earn a salary ranging from R15 000 to R20 000.

According to the publication, a junior soapie actor’s salary is R33 275 monthly. This figure was taken from the South African Actors Guild. Perhaps there are certain factors that are taken to consideration when coming up with payment, however the young actor has captured the hearts of many viewers and has become a fan favourite.

His storyline has captivated many, much like his acting which is top tier. Tebello impressed quite a large number of people in Mzansi with many taking to social media to praise the young actor.

Lihlonolofatso Litlhakanyane is a 12-year-old boy, who attends Laerskool Oospark. He celebrated his 12th birthday a few months ago and it was incorporated in the story-line, making it a celebration of note.His introduction to the storyline was a way of taking Scandal viewers on a journey of discovering Yvonne’s, (portrayed by Kgomostso Christopher) past.

At first viewers got to appreciate his character but as the storyline unfolded, it left them with a huge sigh of relief that all they see is fiction. Tebello’s background goes like this: he was dumped by his biological parents, he then lost his grandmother due to an illness. Yvonne then adopted him but she too left the show, leaving him without an adoptive parent. His life then took another U-turn when he gained an adoptive father Lerumo and grandfather, but that excitement was short lived when his biological mother Seipati came back into his life. Tebello’s positive look at life, his respect, politeness, charisma and his acting makes him one of the best actors, who people want to see flourish in the industry. However he has other plans for himself as he reportedly wants to follow in his biological sister’s footsteps and study law. His real-life mother has said he is a shy person and that is pretty evident in the way he acts.

Many viewers appreciate his character and have likened it to Given Stuurman who was also a child star. Seasoned actor, Given Stuurman, who plays the mischievous Kgosi on Etv’s Scandal! became a father for the first time this year. He is also a presenter and apparently can dance.

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