House of Zwide Bra Carter and Keletso are biological father and daughter in real life?

Young and Loaded, House of Zwide actress Karabo Magongwa ‘Keletso’s business empire leaves Mzansi dumbfounded

Child actress Karabo Magongwa has had her acting skills become the talk of the nation on several occasions since she made her debut appearance on House of Zwide as part of the Zwide family. Not only is she a talented actress, but that is not the only trade she is in, and she is already making money for herself at a young age. This role is not the first one in this child’s career; she has been in her acting game since she was six.

Karabo Magongwa’s role as Keletso in House of Zwide
In House of Zwide, Karabo plays Keletso Molapo, a child in school who faces the challenges of any girl hitting puberty. She is the youngest child of the Molapo family with a big sister and both of her parents in the ghetto. Sometimes she feels that she is overshadowed by her older sister, who is talented in fashion design. However, Keletso loves her family through the ups and downs that she faces because of themAt school, she finds herself being the victim of bullying on several occasions and recently, after her father Issac was arrested, the bullying started again. However, it quickly turned into unwanted attention as some kids at her school thought the drama with her family was cool. At home, she sneaks to see her father at Bra Carter’s place, but Molefe catches her and forces Isaac to ban her from visiting him.

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