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Geet Full Story From Starlife Geet – Hui Sabse Parayi Full Story

Geet Handa a simple girl from a small Town of Hoshiyarpur. With the help of her Family Support she was able to get married at the age of 18.

They choose Dev Singh Khurrana, a handsome and rich NRI, to be her husband. Dev promises to take Geet to Canada after marriage and in return Geet has to sign over her part of the family property over to him.

Her family agree and Geet is married to Dev. Dev and Geet were scheduled to leave for Canada a day after their wedding. Dev and Geet spend their first night together. Geet trusts in Dev and hopes that their marriage will bring her all the happiness that she deserves.

The next morning when Geet and Dev leave for the airport, the unthinkable happens. Dev leaves Geet in the airport and leaves for Canada without her. She returns home with the bad news. It then slowly revealed that Dev married Geet for the sole purpose of getting a hold of her portion of the family property.

It is also revealed that Dev is married. When her family finds out about the truth, they force Geet to forget about Dev and pretend as if he never entered her life. But as fate would have it, Geet becomes pregnant by Dev as result of their first night together.

When her family becomes aware of the pregnancy, they instruct her to have an abortion but Geet refuses. She refuses to punish her child for the mistakes of his father. She stands up to her family. That is when the unthinkable happens.

Her bother decides to kill her to save his family’s honor. I was very impressed that Star One was able to have a show on that talked about honor killing. Countless of girls and boys have been victims of this cruel tradition. In Geet’s case, she is saved by Maan.

Unknown to Geet, Maan is Dev’s older brother. He is the head of Khurrana Constructions, a huge constructions company based in Delhi. Geet makes her way to Delhi and it just so happens that she applies for the position of a secretary of the head of the Khurrana Constructions. When they meet in Maan’s office, at first both are shocked to see one another again.

Then begins a tale of fights, misunderstandings and finally love. Maan is aware that Geet’s family planned to kill her. He doesn’t find out about the exact circumstances until later. He is also initially unaware of Geet’s pregnancy. But after he finds out, he supports her decision and vows to protect her and her child. In the video below, Maan vows to always protect Geet and be by her side no matter what happens.
Maan and Geet in Love on geet Starlife