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Perfect Lie StarLife Casts and characters

Perfect Lie StarLife Casts and characters Perfect Lieorigional name Ek Hasina Thi is a Crime thriller television series created by Cinevistaas Limited for the channel Star Plus

  • Sanjeeda Sheikh portrays as Durga Dev Goenka (née Thakur)/ Nitya Mitra, Dev’s wife, Payal’s elder sister. The real Durga is in fact dead, Nitya Mitra had a facial plastic surgery under the supervision of Dr. Thakur (father of the real Durga Thakur and Nitya’s adoptive father).Shaurya’s ex fiancée, Neil’s ex fiancée, Shekar Mehra’s classmate and Working with Akash aka Akram to destroy Goenkas as she wants revenge them for ruining her sister’s life. (Main Female Lead) [13]
  • Vatsal Sheth portrays Shaurya Goenka, the main male lead. A rich goodlooking, womanizing heir of Goenka family. Being under the influence of his family, he can get anything he want and is not used to hear the word “no”. He is the rapist of Payal and Durga’s ex-fiancée.[14]
  • Simone Singh portrays Sakshi Goenka, the main female antagonist who is beautiful, powerful and has a dynamic personality.Wife of Rajnath. She enjoys being the center of attention in Kolkata. She can go to any length to protect her two children – Shaurya and Kangana – are her only weakness.[15][16][17]
  • Ayub Khan portrays Rajnath Goenka, the male antagonist who is extremely ambitious and ruthless man who is amongst the elite in Kolkata business and social circles. Husband of Sakshi. To maintain his social status, he can go to any length.[18][19]
  • Bhuvnesh Mann portrays Dev Goenka, Durga’s husband, cousin of Shaurya, best friend of Nitya. He comes back from US to find out what happened 2 years back.
  • Aditi Sajwan portrays Nitya Mitra, the best friend of Dev, Payal’s Elder Sister. (Before facial plastic surgery)[20]
  • Kishwer Merchant portrays Raima Maheshwari, the best friend of Sakshi who has an extramarital relationship with her husband, Rajnath.[21]
  • Jyoti Gauba portrays Suchitra Goenka, the mother of Dev who is a kind-hearted woman and believes in social work and Durga’s mother-in-law.[22]
  • Poonam Preet portrays Kangana Rajnath Goenka, the only daughter of Goenka family. The character is inspired from the Indian actress Kangana Ranaut’s role in the 2014 comedy-drama Queen.[23]
  • Mihir Mishra portrays Akram Rehmat Khan / Akash Roy, the step-son of Sakshi whose father was killed by her. Akram Rehmat Khan returns as Akash Roy to seek revenge on Sakshi and is accompanied by Durga in his revenge.[24]
  • Teena Chopra portrays Payal Mitra, Nitya’s younger Sister who was raped by Shaurya and his friends.
  • Vicky Arora portrays Karan Basu
  • Vikram Singh Chauhan portrays Rishi
  • Aliraza Namdar portrays Girish Basu
  • Bhupinder Singh portrays Dr. Dayal Thakur, Durga’s father(Real Durga is dead and now Nitya has been given Durga’s face, so indirectly he also father of Nitya)and Dev’s father-in-law.
  • Amit Behl portrays Navin Mathur, the loyal man of Goenka family who is accused of betrayal and is jailed.[25]
  • Aamir Ali portrays Dr. Neil Bhattacharya. Ali made a special appearance; he portrayed Neil who has a false engagement with Durga.[26][27][28]
  • Vin Rana portrays Karan Seth
  • Shalmalee Desai portrays Sagarika Ganguly, a girl whose mother is the victim of spousal abuse.[9][10]