A recent divorce update has shocked many as Mayeni leaves Mseleku's polygamous marriage, raising questions about the future.

#UthandoNes’thembu: Mayeni leaves Mseleku’s polygamous marriage

A recent divorce update has shocked many as Mayeni leaves Mseleku's polygamous marriage, raising questions about the future.

Uthando NeSthembu

Mayeni’s departure from Mseleku’s polygamous marriage stuns in recent divorce news.

A recent divorce update has shocked many as Mayeni leaves Mseleku’s polygamous marriage, raising questions about the future.

Mayeni Leaves Mseleku’s Polygamous Marriage in Shocking Divorce Update

In a jaw-dropping turn of events, Mayeni has reportedly bid farewell to Musa Mseleku’s polygamous marriage, leaving many stunned and speculating about the future of this complicated family dynamic. While details remain unconfirmed, a video posted by Mseleku on social media hinted at a tumultuous situation within the household.

Musa Mseleku, well-known for his polygamous lifestyle showcased on the reality TV series “Uthando NeSthembu,” took to social media to share some candid insights into the rocky state of his marriage. In the video, he candidly expressed, “the situation is bad, tough, and heavy.

The tables have turned, and the wife has left her husband after he tried to take on another wife.” Although Mseleku didn’t explicitly name the departing wife, rumors suggest that Mayeni is the one who has chosen to exit the relationship.

Last year’s finale of “Uthando NeSthembu” offered viewers a glimpse into the turbulent dynamics within Mseleku’s polygamous household. During a family meeting called by Musa, the discussion veered into various marital issues, revealing the simmering tensions and resentments among his wives.

One striking revelation was Musa’s claim that when his wives are angry with him, they retaliate by denying him intimate relations. Some even go as far as refusing to prepare food or returning to their family homes in the village. Musa expressed his dissatisfaction with his wives’ choice of sleepwear, deeming it inappropriate for married women.

In a somewhat desperate plea for change, Musa hinted at the possibility of seeking assistance from his wives’ families to resolve their ongoing issues. His wives, however, responded dismissively, asserting that he should address his concerns directly with the individuals involved. MaCele, one of his wives, came to his defense, explaining that he was addressing the collective issues because he had failed to resolve them individually.

During their diary sessions, the wives seemed unsympathetic and even belittled Musa, making him feel marginalized and unimportant. MaYeni went as far as labeling him a coward when he left the meeting prematurely.

The strained relationships among the wives prompted MaMgwabe to seek advice from MaCele on how to communicate with Musa about their issues. MaKhumalo, on the other hand, advocated for unity among the four wives, emphasizing that mutual support could help them overcome their challenges. MaCele asserted that she successfully resolves her issues with Musa without external intervention.

The abrupt departure of Mayeni from Mseleku’s polygamous household adds a new layer of complexity to their already tumultuous relationships. As rumors swirl and speculation continues, the fate of this unconventional family remains uncertain.

A recent divorce update has shocked many as Mayeni leaves Mseleku's polygamous marriage, raising questions about the future.

Other issues he addressed were witchcraft and usage of traditional healers by his wives. He asked his wives to stop this and MaKhumalo begged him.

On the day of the book launch, all the wives arrived late. At least the sister Mpumi was there on time, or should we say, we saw someone who looked like his sister by his side. On the previous ep, wives gave apologies and said they were not going to manage to attend the book launch for various individual reasons. MaCele said she never attends family gatherings and MaMgwabe said she will be working.

The MC asked the wives to come in front and it took 30 min for all the wives to gather on stage. MaYeni was refusing to go until Musa said the wives won’t speak until she joins them and she joined. At least MaCele spoke and Musa was proud.

It turns out MaYeni did not want to join the other wives because she sees them as enemies. In her diary sessions, you cannot take a sheep, a lion, a goat and a Cheetah and put them in one kraal and expect them peace. It was drama.

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